A look at ‘Processing’

Since I have to keep my leg elevated for weeks following surgery on my Ankle I decided to look at learning processing/ scripting to determine whether it could help with my work.

Processing Title

Processing is an open source programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities with
the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context, and to serve as the foundation for electronic sketchbooks. The project was initiated in 2001 by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry, both formerly of  the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. The language builds on the Java language, but uses a simplified syntax and graphics programming model’.





On the day of the RIBA Silver Medal Awards ceremony I woke up after a few celebratory drinks with what I thought was a sprained ankle. I could barely walk so end up going to Hospital and being told I have a broken ankle, and due to walking on it, have made it worse and will need Surgery… hence me showing up to the award ceremony in crutches!

Quick project whilst in China


We met with students from Westminster University DS:13 and Guangzhou Arcademy of Fine Arts to discuss teaming up for entry to Solar Decathlon 2013.

A quick team project was conducted to analyse how Chinese tradition or vernacular could be coupled with digital or computational tools and techniques to produce a modern architecture rooted in Chinese tradition.