Following surgery on my ankle last month I have just had a check up at the Doctors and been told I should continue to keep my leg elevated until at least the end of January…

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On the day of the RIBA Silver Medal Awards ceremony I woke up after a few celebratory drinks with what I thought was a sprained ankle. I could barely walk so end up going to Hospital and being told I have a broken ankle, and due to walking on it, have made it worse and will need Surgery… hence me showing up to the award ceremony in crutches!

Venice Biennale 2012

David Chipperfield curated the Venice Biennale of 2012; ‘Common Ground’, of which our university group visited.

There were some very interesting items on exhibition; the analogue vaulting test models shown by Zaha Hadid Architects. The Russian pavillion showcased a dome of interior screens with barcodes of which information could be accessed via iPads. There was an healthy suspended or hanging garden on show which housed all the irrigation and other necessities leaving the ground beneath uninterrupted. This shows how you can install artificially a completely natural garden suspended within a controlled domestic environment.

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Ecobuild 2012

Following the success of our 1:1 prototype installation exhibited at Arkitekturmassan in October 2011, we were invited by Ecobuild to design, fabricate and exhibit a larger more developed prototype in London in March 2012.