SUNBLOC Wins RIBA Silver Medal

sunbloc riba medal

IMG_0685       IMG-20121205-01139




Datong, China 2012

china visit1

1. China International Energy Summit
2. Solar Decathlon China
3. Site for proposed Solar Decathlon China 2013
4. Datong old town
5. Yungang Grottoes

Exhibiting Sunbloc in China

1:20 High-density EPS block CNC Model
1:50 SLS 3D Print


Invite to China

The Solar Decathlon 2013 is to be held in Datong, China and they invited us to exhibit Sunbloc as an example of sustainable prototype housing and to discuss our possible participation in the competition.


China invitation letter


RIBA Medals Portfolio Submission

So I’ve just had to spend my summer holidays single-handedly compiling the Sunbloc Project into a portfolio for submission to the RIBA Awards.

Here’s some sample pages.