Venice Biennale 2012

David Chipperfield curated the Venice Biennale of 2012; ‘Common Ground’, of which our university group visited.

There were some very interesting items on exhibition; the analogue vaulting test models shown by Zaha Hadid Architects. The Russian pavillion showcased a dome of interior screens with barcodes of which information could be accessed via iPads. There was an healthy suspended or hanging garden on show which housed all the irrigation and other necessities leaving the ground beneath uninterrupted. This shows how you can install artificially a completely natural garden suspended within a controlled domestic environment.

Cloud 9 includes an ETFE inflatable facade of which can be filled with nitrogen gas to control the interior lighting and insulation properties. The floors and walls within the spaceframe are adjustable allowing alteration of internal spaces. This is very interesting in light of the ‘metabolist’ research into expandable architecture I am conducting for my [ADDT] Advanced Digital Design Techniques Module.

Alongside taking a look at some other Venice architecture.


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