Arkitekturmassan 2011


We were invited to exhibit a mid-scale (4 x 4 x 10m) installation at Arkitekturmassan in Goteburg, Sweden. The piece had to test and showcase some aspect of  our ‘prototypical house’ and needed to be designed, fabricated, loaded into a van and transported to Sweden from London on Saturday 22nd October giving us approx. 1month….

This is some of what we went through.

We took an archetypal section of ‘house’; the horizontal and vertical surfaces and structure which must provide floor, wall, seat, table, opening, shelter and tried to design all such aspects into one medium; of which would analyse the capability of using standardised EPS blocks.

The digital model allowed us to alter our design according to block-size using ruled-surface design to ensure hot-wire cutting would produce the desired result. The sections from this digital model became the first templates used on a 1:10 scale model.

With a little design development due to short deadline allowances we were happy enough with the outcome allowing us to get started on 1:1 fabrication.

Once constructed, the blocks were finished to protect them during transportation, construction and the lifespan of the installation. Experiments were also carried out on surface treatment including CNC milling.

Both 1:10 physical models and digital models were analysed in terms of block-stack ability to ensure efficient transportation and accurate vehicle choice. These were then driven by ourselves from London to Goteburg, Sweden ready for construction.

The assembly had all been planned during the design process ensuring quick and efficient assembly of the installation.

The Event was a success with renowned Architect Sou Fujimoto commenting on our construction methodology and design.brochure-1_page_41brochure-1_page_42



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